Author: Krypter
Updated: November, 2000
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What you see here is Neuropolitan r2.0, an RPG supplement for the Cyberpunk 2020 roleplaying game. Neuropolitan aims to rewrite the campaign world and present it in a new light while preserving the basic outlines of CP2020, such as cybernetics, guns, and the Fuzion rule system. Neuropolitan is set in the year 2055 and includes additional elements which are more science fiction than classic cyberpunk. Some background material has been borrowed from sources ranging from Nathan Never to Hardboiled to Iain Banks' Culture novels. If you want something more up-to-date and interesting than the rather cliche world presented in CP2020, you'll find it here. The page may look screwed up unless you're using a browser that supports CSS layers. Enjoy!

It is the middle of the 21st century, and humanity has built new biological and mechanical companions to help it repeat the same feuds and mistakes of the past. The years leading up to 2055 have seen a great technological wave sweep across the world, as human intellect fused with machine computation and finally brought forth the sentient machine - which turned out to be a Pandora's box. The nation-state is still the supreme human collective achievement, but other clan affiliations now compete for people's loyalties. Among these are the Incorporate States, countries with no territory but who count millions of virrea citizens as their supporters. Thousands of small, lean and competitive hypercorporations roam the international markets hunting their prey and dealing mostly with model construction. Global commerce depends on reliable travel and communications made safe through the efforts of Biocontrol, the organization mandated to preserve the integrity of the humane genome.

Clonals (biomechanical constructs who have achieved sentience) and Chimerics (genegineered animals and plants with unique characteristics) walk beside us now, neither enslaved nor quite free, serving alongside humanity and trying to answer the same questions as we do. People live longer, healthier lives and enjoy greater luxuries than we imagined in the darkness of the 20th century, but different - and strikingly similar - problems are not far behind. The problems of overpopulation and resource scarcity have been overcome, usually by accident rather than human brilliance. The Small Plagues eliminated those that "weren't cautious or hygienic", and the world's peoples - quite a lot older than ever before - take themselves very seriously. The global organization known as Biocontrol fights tirelessly to protect humanity against its own biological folly - or to pollute the gene pool, depending on how you see it. Medical engineering is the largest economic activity on the planet.

Yet the same problem of distribution still divides the world into the have and have-nots, the educated and the uneducated. Thanks to the bounty of bio-engineering, people in the rich world are smarter, healthier and physically more perfect than the poor. And they think they deserve it. After all, they invented the science, capitalized the research, and took out a mortgage for this stuff. The average American spends a third of his income on some aspect of biology. The first world, with 9% of the world's population, is the new global aristocracy. Medical engineering keeps the elites alive for an average of 120 years, turning the grip of the old into a noose around the necks of the young. Persona-filtering has become an acceptable legal treatment to 'fix' the psychological deficiencies of drug addicts, psychopaths, rapists, pedophiles... and others. Neither the body nor the mind is now sacrosanct.

The internet has been transformed from a motley arrangement of databases into a true digital ecosystem (now known as the Electrosphere) which has taken on a life of its own, spawning mysterious new phyla of software and finally resulting in the birth of true Artificial Intelligence - which promptly lead to war. Humanity has accepted the consciousness of computers with some unease, but it has embraced its benefits, such as the vast universally-accessible archive of human collective knowledge known as The Collection. The entire surface of the Earth has been digitized, and most aspects of life have been transferred to the Photon Ocean.

The nation-state has fared well, but the world is
gripped in another Cold War in which continental blocs battle covertly in urban sprawls, orbital space islands and even in remote outposts in the Solar Periphery. Each confederation too weak and afraid to repeat the gross brutality of World War III. Neuropolitan is a world in which even cities have consciousness; a place where the true cyberpunk can run with the chrome wolves.

My name is Krypter, and I can be reached by email at For those who prefer secure communications, here is my PGP key. If you have any questions or kind comments about this supplement, feel free to contact me. I will be expanding the information on this page as time allows.

Here are some very useful reference documents for playing Fuzion and Cyberpunk 2020, in PDF Format.
Original Fuzion 5.02

Andrew James' Gear Compilation
Andrew James' Weapons Compilation
Atomik Cybernetics
Atomik Combat

I'd like to thank and credit many authors for their fine work and inspiration, among them:
Ellis & Robertson; Transmetropolitan
Miller & Darrow; Hardboiled
Medda/Serra/Vigna; Nathan Never
Neal Stephenson; Snow Crash, The Diamond Age
Bruce Sterling; Holy Fire, Heavy Weather
John Brunner; Stand on Zanzibar, The Shockwave Rider
Iain Banks; Against a Dark Background, The State of the Art, Use of Weapons
Philip K Dick; A Scanner Darkly, Flow My Tears

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"In the real world--planet Earth, Reality--there are somewhere between six and ten billion people. At any given time, most of them are making mud bricks or field-stripping their AK-47s. Perhaps a billion of them have enough money to own a computer; these people have more money than all the others put together."

- Snow Crash

See Newport City!

Admit it. This is why you play cyberpunk.

These are all PDF files containing the information I use to run my campaign. They aren't pretty or even Fuzion-compliant, so use at your own risk.

Character Sheet (pretty cool, IMNHO)

Character Creation - option table like in Shadowrun

Skill Listing - smaller, cleaner and more logical

Turbohacking - hardware/software; kind of messy

Personality Types - help for players

Edges & Flaws - basic perks

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